Platforms Where You Can Listen to the Latest Blues

The internet has made it very easy for artists to share their music with fans. There are multiple platforms through which both artists and music lovers can access music. Here are some platforms where you can listen to the latest blues hits:


The width and breadth of music in this application are very deep. Using this application allows you to listen to both vintage and new blues music. The music application can be accessed in almost every part of the world. YouTube allows users to customize their searches and create playlists according to their favorite music genres.

Blues Music Radios

While this application is not among the free music platforms, it delivers great service. It contains the best and highly curated blues playlists. The platform is easy to use and ad-free. Only iOS users can buy the application at 5.99 dollars.


This is the music platform to go to when looking for any music genre. It is known to have a long list of songs available to both premium and free users. Premium users are privileged to have an ad-free platform.