Smart Watches Help Musicians Perform Blues

Smart watch manufacturers are changing the musical landscape with new advances for musicians. Musicians across the globe are looking to innovative technology at to enhance the music playing experience. With a vast array of amenities available on watches, musicians are finding that recent technology brings welcome assistance in creating Blues music. Here are three watch brands offering Blues musicians high-tech gadgets to improve sound.


Years ago, Soundbrenner released a revolutionary wearable gadget, called Pulse, which uses vibrations to assist performing musicians. Its recent innovation, called the Core, is a fully functional smart watch, which includes a tuner, meter, and display. With a Core, Blues musicians may receive assistance with rhythm, because the technology also includes a rhythm coach. The 4-in-1 wearable tool for music and time is one of the most advanced gadgets on the market for musicians. With its sleek, stylish design, the Core is a revolutionary way for musicians to practice and perform the music they love. Consumers enjoy advanced with style and function to meet a musician’s needs.


Apple watch brings musicians similar technology available on the Pulse and Core. The Apple watch’s time-keeping metronome taps the musician’s wrist to help him keep time with the music. Beyond time keeping, there are a variety of Apple compatible apps, such as Melodybox, which offer an array of musical instrument sounds. Musicians may choose from drums, electric guitars, and piano to record a musical inspiration on the go. For top-of-the-line watches, is an industry leader.

For blues musicians who use technology to stay on beat, wearable metronomes offer the key to precise timing. Guitarists turn to innovative tuning technology found in revolutionary watch wear to tune musical instruments accurately and reliably. With tempo and rhythm aids, these high-tech devices bring blues musicians beat values for practicing at home or performing in front of a crowd. With new innovations allowing consumers to store and recall tracks on a smartwatch, musicians have all the technology needed to create, synthesize, and record music on a watch. Some manufacturers are even offering watch models with a synthesizer, which is the ultimate smartwatch upgrade for a musician.

Innovative smart watch technology is elevating the way musicians tune and play musical instruments. The cutting-edge technological advances scaled to fit within a smartwatch device are elevating the game for Blues performers and other musicians who look for quick, accurate ways to tune and time while playing and performing. Manufacturers are heeding the call for more advanced wearable watches, which offer the technology, software, and other amenities, which make music playing easier.