What Can A Blues Musician Wear

As a blues musician, you may be wondering what clothes you should wear. The choices may vary depending on the situation, such as whether you’re simply rehearsing or you’re on a stage performing. There are certain styles of clothing traditionally associated with blues musician’s, which may be adding to your uncertainty of what to wear. Here we have compiled a simple guide of what clothes you could wear as a blues musician.

Performance Clothes

Many will be aware that when performing it’s important that you dress to impress. Blues performers will traditionally wear a suit with a hat too. This traditional styling doesn’t have to infringe on your personal creativity however, as suits can be purchased in a wide range of styles with different colors and patterns all being available. Whatever outfit you pick out for your performance, ensure it’s comfortable. When playing music on a stage in front of a crowd, it’s wise to make sure you have a full range of movement in the clothes you’re wearing and that you’ll be comfortable for the whole show. .

Rehearsal Clothes

If you’re rehearsing your blues music, the clothes you wear won’t have the same requirements as those for performing. Go for clothes that are comfortable to wear and relaxing, avoiding any styles that may be tight against the skin and restrict your movement. You could choose to wear women’s leggings which can be both stylish and comfortable. In a rehearsal setting, women’s leggings can be a good choice for relaxing clothes that help you maintain optimum comfort whilst practicing your instrument. In this setting you’re not trying to impress crowds of people, so lounge wear like women’s leggings can be more appropriate than they would be during a live performance.


Being a musician is all about creativity and expressing your emotions, and this is no different for blues musician’s. The genre of music does have particular outfits that are traditionally associated with it, such as suits. But this doesn’t have to restrict your creativity. You could even choose to break the mold completely and go for more out there outfits that people wouldn’t necessarily associate with blues music. It all depends on your own wishes and creative expression, as well as the kind of artist brand you’re trying to establish for yourself. The top rule is that whilst choosing clothes, ensure you’re comfortable wearing them – nobody wants to be on stage in discomfort which can end up becoming noticeable to the audience. Most importantly, whatever you decide to wear, have fun!