The Creativity of Blues Musicians

There is no doubting that all musicians are creative in one way or another. Still, those who play the blues are exceptionally gifted. Their mastery of the guitar is a skill that takes years to learn. Although the elemental composition of a blues song is relatively simple, a pattern known as the 12 bar blues, being able to add a unique spin on this takes a lot of creativity. Musicians who specialize in this genre are generally creative in other walks of life too.

Using Creative Skills Outside of Music

Blues musicians have the enviable ability to be creative outside of their own field and often enjoy painting and writing poetry. They delight in learning new skills and taking on new challenges to broaden their mind. For example, they enjoy the artistry of plants and will want to find the best way of orchid watering as these flowers are notoriously difficult to keep alive. Proving to themselves that they can master growing indoor plants gives a blues musician a lot of satisfaction.

Relaxing After a Gig

Playing blues music for a couple of hours in front of a live audience is a real adrenaline rush, and musicians need to find a way to unwind afterward. They could take the time to study the Planta app and read further on the subject of orchid watering, and enjoy the pro tips from experts. Photography is another area that requires creativity, and musicians may wish to take pictures of their indoor plants to show healthy they are and that they have fully understood the fundamentals of orchid watering, thanks to the Planta app.

Branching Out into Other Music Genres

Another way of using their creative skills is for musicians to try another genre, and a popular option to try is that of heavy metal. An excellent example of this is Jimi Hendrix, who successfully fused his love of the blues with heavy guitar riffs. Blues music is also said to be at the heart of jazz, so this could be an exciting genre to try. Practice is vital, so musicians should schedule some time every day to get to grips with a new way of playing their guitar.

Blues maestros undoubtedly enjoy new challenges, whether that be orchid watering, photography, or learning how to play a different musical genre. Creativity is a skill that should be used to its true potential.