These 5 Gifts Will Please Any Blues Lover

The list of accessories you can gift your blues lover is endless. Remember that presents are the best way to improve relationships. A lovely platter, champagne glass, and botanic pot could mean better moods, just like listening to the blues. When you accompany the gifts with a personalized message, your loved one will always think of you.

Royal Design Has Got You Covered

If you are looking for a simple gift for a Blues music lover, look no further than Royal Design. There are dozens of dinnerware, cushion covers, lamps, and decorative accessories at that shine in the hands of a blues fan. Here are some of the best ideas.

Champagne Glass

Many fans of blues enjoy a glass of wine occasionally, but champagne is more of a lifestyle. One of the incredible ways to celebrate such connoisseurs is by getting them a champagne glass, accompanied by a champagne cake, if possible. Peruse various champagne glasses at Royal Design, from clear party glasses to crystal shine models. Appreciate their down-to-earth personality and make their birthday, graduation, or anniversary a memorable affair.

Table Lamp

A table lamp hardly goes unnoticed. With their retro-inspired and straightforward shapes, Royal Design table lamps can mesmerize a blues lover who is looking to do a spring makeover to their homes. Also, find out if a ceiling lamp or wall lamp of a similar look would appeal more to them.


When you’re not sure of the ideal present to give a new friend who listens to blues, you’ll never go wrong with a platter. While the available styles at Royal Design vary, the message or intent they pass to a blues fan is the same. Get an unusual shape and classic color such as soft gray, sienna, or white. You can buy a single piece if you want.


Perhaps your friend is feeling sad after heartbreak. So, they’ve been listening to blues all day long but don’t seem to lighten up. It turns out that red wine can help them forget a little. Then it makes sense to give them a wine carafe. A beautiful decanter from Royal Design has a characteristic pattern that blends nicely with a table setting. Designed with mouth-blown crystal glass, it brings spectacular bubbles and light when filled with wine. It can also serve as a vase to hold a flower bouquet.

Botanic Pot with Pedestal

A botanic pot with a Scandinavian character sounds like a perfect gift for someone who likes slow music. At Royal Design, the botanic pot and its pedestal feature dazzling color combinations. The legs are made of ash, while the pot itself is lacquered metal.