Music Genres that are Similar to Blues

Every music genre has a unique property that makes it different from others. Blues is one of the oldest and most popular music genres in the world. This type of music has influenced and nurtured many other genres, resulting in plenty of similarities. Here are some examples of music genres that are similar to blues:


This music genre was created by African American artists who played classical music. These musicians combined European music with scales and rhythms of blues to create jazz. This genre has been played since the 1910s. Musicians have helped improve the genre over the years by coming up with better styles like bebop, swing and modal.


If you are a rock music fan, you might have noticed a little similarity between the rock and blues music genres. This is since rock music took its style from electric blues and blues music. This music genre’s lyrics often addresses social, political and romantic love themes. Electric guitars are the main instruments used in this type of music.


Soul music is a combination of blues and jazz music elements. It was and is still largely used in creating African American gospel songs. Some of the musical instruments used to create this music genre are the electric guitar, Hammond organ, clarinet, drums and bass guitar.


Country originated from old-time music and blues music genres. This music genre largely consists of dance tunes with harmonies and folk lyrics. Musicians in this genre use string instruments like guitars, banjos, fiddles and harmonicas.