Blues music and exercise

Exercising is an excellent way to stay in shape and keep healthy, and exercising to music is even better. Even if you are reluctant to exercise but know you need a pick me up, then losing yourself in the music and lyrics is a great way to pass the time. You may even find it to be less of a chore to exercise to really good sounds.

Why Blues?

You know the saying ‘Feeling Blue’, it is usually said to or about people who are feeling down and depressed and blues music is exactly that. That is not to say the music is depressing, it just is a little melancholy and the lyrics usually run along the lines of people who are having a touch of bad luck or have to work hard for very little pay-off. If you have never listened to any blues music you should give it a chance, it is easy to catch the blues-loving bug.

Blues and exercise

Exercising to music as we have already said has so many added benefits you have probably never thought of. Not only will it help pass the time but will also increase the endorphines that keep you happy, yes, even the blues. It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise do to the music, jogging, resistance bands or even CrossFit, keeping up with the varying tempo can give an effect of HIIT, it will keep your muscles working better, and stop them from developing that muscle memory that can become a hindrance to great results.

Make your own playlist

Mixtapes might be a thing of the past for some, but for those who love to exercise to music, it is still very relevant. There are certain songs that work well for certain types of exercise, for example, you don’t want banging heavy metal if you are doing yoga and at the same time gentle tunes and ballads might not work for those who are jogging or doing zumba at home. When you find songs that work for you, create a playlist so you have it to hand for every exercise session.